Thursday, 30 May 2013

Our Feral Cat Rules The Roost.

An almost middle aged childless couple & their cat...stereotypical indeed !

Gosh, she could be a reincarnation of a great silent actress from the 1920's. Cats are notoriously non-talkers but for some reason our cat's mimics and gestures pack a punch and have us running to please !

Well, our Tigger has us wrapped around her little paw. More so Bob. Frankly I think she sort of cheats on us. Our delectable tidbits alone cannot account for her girth. More than likely she gets her three meals a day and all of them at different locales.

Even after more than a year of living on her property ( oh yes, she was here first ) I have yet to see an offering of sorts. You know, a mouse, bird or snake. Quite frankly she is too well fed and needs time to languish while digesting the various meals.

We used to both take turns putting out her food but somehow Bob has taken over. He talks to her and I must say, she is far less skittish with him. When we buy her cat pellets, Bob, like an enslaved parent only wants to make sure she is happy. " Oh, we can't get this flavour. She hates it and leaves it in her bowl " while all I can suggest is " Well, she'll soon get hungry enough...".

Our Tigger knows what she wants and goes for it. She realized that we are at times prone to forget her exact feeding time. No problem for her. About an hour before she cunningly sets up station across the kitchen and lounge window. Usually she manages to look pretty yet hungry at the same time. Oh yes, we comply asap...

Bob often thinks that I take too many pictures of the same thing. A while ago it was the chickens. " How many different pictures do you need to take. Once you've seen one, you've seen all ". Men don't understand. Everyone has a good and a bad angle in pictures. The trick is to take numerous shots in order to get a great result.

Yesterday afternoon, Bob whispered to me to get my camera. Lo and behold, Tigger was doing her acrobatic cleaning stint across the courtyard. " Try and get a good picture of her but for goodness sake be quiet ! "...oh yes, our Tigger apart from being cunning also has supersonic hearing. One false move and she skittles...

Bob can of course also show his strict side. He caught her meandering ( hopefully not for digestive reasons ) through our new vegetable patch. Well, he was out there like a shot, shooing her away in no uncertain terms !

Life is good.


See what I mean ?

Our cute little Tigger and her mimics... Cat Scratcher Lounge, Walnut Brown