Wednesday, 22 May 2013

How We Beat Diabetes Within An Inch Of Its Life !

If you intend to eat healthily, please start because it works !

Three months ago we discovered that Bob has diabetes and rather severe levels as well. At the start, the doctors told us that he would take insulin ( injection and tablets ) for the rest of his life. A daunting yet rather scary wake-up call.

This is not like starting a diet on Monday or the following Friday. No, your life is at stake and you've got to grab the bull by the horns and start the very next meal. We had the added handicap of an extremely tight food budget. Challenge indeed !

You know, when there is only one way to go ( forward ), you tend to get stuck in with both hands. It is amazing how creative one gets when the money is on vacation elsewhere. One good point about diabetes is that when you go grocery shopping, you can breeze through the first temptation isle.

The big discounters make a point of herding you from the door straight into Temptation Central. Lethal when you are hungry. Seeing biscuits, chips and chocolate it takes a lot of willpower not to put them in your trolley. No more issue for us. We just waltz right passed them as they are off our menu.

From day one, we had three meals a day with Bob having a Banana mid morning and assorted nuts mid afternoon. Snacks sorted with minimal costs. It has in a way been a blessing that our budget was a bit tight, as it forced us to buy basics. We make our own pizza bases and breads using wholewheat flour. Seasonal vegetables and fruits are less than the other kind. Instead of red meats we have lots of lentils, split peas and chick peas. Bob has become a 5* porridge chef !

There are a lot of foods ready made for diabetics. Yet even they are processed. Sometimes I think that when you don't have the choice, it is much easier. We sort of stand out at the various supermarkets...our trolley is always full of the healthy stuff, that the cashiers all take notice and comment. Great conversation opener. Bob and I have discovered a new game : " look what's in their trolley ". You should try it sometime !

Bob of course had to exercise along with the new eating plan. But wow, within the first few weeks he was allowed to reduce the insulin he injected. After a month, he could leave the injections all together. He still had to take tablets for diabetes and cholesterol though.

Yesterday he got the results of his first three month check-up. They have retested everything in detail. Well, can you believe it, Bob's sugar counts have almost halved along with his cholesterol. The cholesterol tablet....gone ! The insulin one...half the dose !

Even the doctors were amazed at what Bob has achieved. Three months ago Bob was almost admitted to hospital for his extreme high levels of sugar. Now, three month later his levels are scratching on the edge of normal.

Yes I know, eating healthy is not so easy. It takes a bit more effort to prepare and a lot of discipline. But think of the good points. Weight slides off and your body can actually enjoy being a body. Not slugging along trying to discard all the rubbish you put in.

So in just three short months, Bob has turned his health around. For all those Doubting Thomas' out there : eating simple & healthily works. Just imagine what eating healthily can do for other ailments ?

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