Saturday, 19 July 2014

A Bunch Of Flowers For You, With Love From Burgenland.

We all need a bit of cheering up, now and again.

A shrub on the side of the road. Most people merely drive past it and as they are so intent on where they are going, that they miss out on it.
I was standing on the pavement, looking up and taking the photos. Let me tell you, I garnered a lot of strange looks and some that seemed more like :
" Oh here goes the crazy lady again..."
Bob and I planted this window box with two pots which we bought at Hofer. They were the cheapest, but are really the most stunning of all our pot plants ( eh, potted plants, not " pot-plants "... ). Bob unearthed an old & unused bench in our barn on which we've put this window box. It gives me a little jolt of happiness every time I see it.
What a life for this lady bird bug. Smug as a bug takes on a new meaning...All along the forest and the vineyards, these white flowers ( could they be medicinal? ) are happily watching the world go by.
The blue sun worshipper holding court. I call it the blue sunflower as it turns according to where the sun is shining. I picked a bunch of wild flowers to put inside a vase, and wouldn't you know it, the blue faded a few hours in. It was a dirty grey within the space of hours.
This is a photo I posted in May. Oh yes, a re-print... but I just love this one and even have it framed. It is a beautiful bunch of flowers from Burgenland after all...
I know, this is not a bunch of flowers or a beautiful flower. As I mentioned yesterday, we picked a bunch of red currants. My mum and I made a batch of red currant jam. The colour was too fabulous not to show you. The finished jam has rather a lot of tartness mingling with the sweetness...ideal to accompany a big bowl of vanilla ice cream or a generous wedge of camembert...