Saturday, 26 July 2014

Dogs Really Are Man's Best Friend.

An " Heuriger " with a difference

It was the last evening for family friends who were here for a visit and we celebrated by going to an Heuriger with a difference. ( An Heuriger is kind of like a Buschenschank, but open all year round ) It is at the edge of a forest not far from us. The owners have created an oasis of laws, complete with eccentric and mostly antique wooden equipment. Farming equipment from the days of yore that looks so romantic. An old tree trunk was polished and used as a bar table. Bob even counted the age-rings of it.

What they also have is a wonderful dog. A big black French sheep dog called Josi. Naturally, it was herding only Bob and I yesterday. Admittedly, at times either one of us could have conceivably be described as a silly sheep! Well, this delightful dog had us eating out of her ' hand '. In her case, her toy of choice was bitten through soccer ball that she hardly ever let out of her jaw.

When she had established the rules of her fetching game ( oh she was precise and only let go of the ball when Bob was standing at the right spot ) we were throwing, kicking and fetching this soccer ball. Ugh, the ball was getting more and more slippery with saliva the more we played. Bob in the end resorted to doing a few rather authentic soccer kicks.

The ground rules are being established and Josi clearly has Bob trained to her liking. Isn't the scenery nice? You can see the old tree trunk that is used as a bar table.
" Josi, drop the ball."
" Eh no, you grab it!"
Bob didn't stand a chance with this cute and delightful dog. Her character is so nice and gentle.
Just look at her ears flapping in the wind. Oh, both of them had so much fun doing this demonstration of Newton's Law...No one wanted to let go.
Isn't it just the best! Josie and Bob played for what seemed like hours but was only until the panting got too much....for both!
Who do you think is having more fun...?