Sunday, 27 July 2014

Life Lesson #888: Follow The Sheep.

Animals are in the know...

Sheep are notoriously weather hardened animals. They are most often seen strutting it out in mountainous terrain, on manicured lawns or wherever they happen to be grazing. Water or rather rain makes no difference to them. Or does it?

A happy herd of sheep is often seen touring the various backyards or lawns that need trimming. There is an organic sheep farmer in one of the neighbouring villages and he and his wife do take their big herd of sheep all over the district. They follow the long grass and frankly it would make Bob's life much easier if they would visit our backyard for a week or two. It feels so nice and rural when you spot the sheep all over.

As seems usual behaviour for us, we were showing our visitors " Aloisia's " and all the nice creamy cake creations she sells. Our friends made the expected ( from us ) sounds of delight. Stumbling across such a nice coffee & cake emporium in the midst of rural Burgenland seems to do that. To be honest, I still get enthralled by Aloisia's even if I have been there more than eh...once!

After having a strong cup of coffee we left and were on the way to the next stage of grazing. Oh yes, eating out is a must in Burgenland too. Parking at Aloisia's is done at the back and next to a huge meadow. In fact,from there you can see as far as the snow capped mountains of the next province. Rural, pastoral and green. Soul food.

At first I didn't see them, but when I looked closely I saw a few sheep hiding under an old cart.
( No, they were not from the organic troop but possibly Aloisia's sheep to wow us confectionery tourists / enthusiasts ) Goodness, they were clever and not a single hoof was exposed to the elements. We had just had a downpour and these sheep wanted to be sheltered. The odd thunder strike could be heard as well and I think that is what had them cowering there.

Waiting out the danger. Hanging safely until better conditions came. They took it easy and waited until the perceived danger passed. No stress and it did look rather fun. Maybe we need to take a leaf out of their book. Danger waited out in comfort seems a much better idea to me. Rushing headfirst into danger is more apt for Hollywood movies and a few adrenalin junkies...


A nice thought, hiding out under there!