Thursday, 24 July 2014

Taking A Chance On Life!

Saying yes instead of no...

How many of us are too scared of trying anything new? We worry about this and that and in the time it takes to conjure up all the various fictitious outcomes, time or rather life has passed us by. Time and tide waits for no one!

How often...:

  • are we too scared to try something different for fear of failure?
  • do we look back and are sorry we didn't start a new job, moved to a new place or started a new relationship?
  • do we worry about what other people will think.
    " Oh no, I can't do ...., because what would so and so say? "
  • do we stay in a job that we don't like because it has a monthly pay cheque attached to it? The last few years have been very tough economically worldwide. Isn't it ironic that in this time of recession, a lot of folks took the chance and started a business or moved to another place. More than likely, they asked themselves why the didn't do it sooner!
  • do we wait until all our ducks are in a row before we make a change?...Here is a thought:
    the ducks might never all be in a row...or you might be too old when they are!

Of course it is easier to sit on life's pavements ( sidelines ) instead of riding life's highway. Experiencing and living life often takes courage, brings the occasional hardships and the inevitable change, but anything worthwhile usually does.