Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Mornings Are Fresh New Starts To New Days.

Mornings open up new possibilities.

Funny how light plays a role in seeing a morning come alive. A different angle of it, makes you see a flower afresh. Or fall in love with your garden anew...Greeting an early morning ( or rather a sunrise ) is a way of settling nerves, grounding ourselves and taking note of what is important in our lives. Oh, and did I mention that coffee tastes so much better when you sip it while watching a morning shake off the remnants of darkness?

The view out of our back bathroom. I love seeing the mist rising from the ground, and the sun sharpening the wonderful colours. Greens get greener, or at least are about to.
A few minutes later at the front of our house. A mere few meters makes a big difference. The sky was in that in between stage; pink turning into vivid blue. This bird made a surprise appearance. Usually the roof is littered with the neighbourhood birds sitting in a row. Not quietly, but chirping and tweeting their news and opinions to each other. Lovely to listen to. The blackbirds are of course the most musical of the lot.
Even when a scorcher of a day is announced, the grass has dew on it. It looks like a lot of little diamonds clinging to the various blades of grass. Just beautiful.
How do you like our recycled bathtub? When we first chiseled it out of the bathroom, we plonked it outside in the yard. After a while it migrated to its current place and Bob had the clever idea of planting things in it. The first year it was strawberries, the second year it was cucumbers and now we have pumpkin and tomatoes and the odd unwanted stinging nettle in it. I know, pumpkins are clearly going to turn out mini-pumpkins in such a small environment but when I see the yellow flowers and how they bloom, I don't want to break up the party...

And our money tree outside the front door is growing...