Monday, 28 July 2014

The Hungarian Formula One 2014: Thrilling Edge Of Your Seat Stuff.

A feast for us spectators indeed.

Listening to and interpreting the pre-race interviews one might have mostly expected a tepid and uneventful race. A race with no major heart racing moments or a change in position. Even the safety-car driver ( a rather dishy man indeed ) was interviewed. Gosh, even he didn't see himself looping the track often, if at all.

Well...what a cracker of a race it turned out. It had all the elements to keep us glued to our seats in front of the TV. Loo breaks were non-existent, lest a moment was missed. In the first third of the race, the dishy safety car driver had to go to work 3 times! ( The various crashes were severe but luckily no one was injured ). You might well wonder why I would focus on the safety driver when the likes of Ricciardo, Vettel & Rosberg are around. Look they are young but the dishy safety driver is closer to my age...

We have had fantastic hot sunny weather for the week and suddenly just before the race the heavens opened up and dropped rain en masse. The game changer indeed. Somehow this Hungarian F1 had all the action and excitement rolled into one. From near misses a la Vettel
( gosh what a magic driver ) to internal spats between Hamiliton and Rosberg. He does complain a lot about all and sundry. At one stage the German commentator had enough and mumbled something to the effect of;

' I can't listen to any more of his complaints and moans. '

Bob and I are fortunate because the Hungaran F1 and the Austrian F1 are within a 2-3 hour driving distance from us. But honestly, even once we have the funds to get a ticket, I would still prefer to watch it on TV. Those tickets offer a spot of grass to stand on and we would only see that one angle of the race...every 3 minutes.

This year Vettel is not winning races. A lot of folk complain about it but I think it makes it much more exciting to watch Formula One again. Vettel, I'm sure, is ready to pounce to pole again. Like a panther he could spring at any moment. Having to fight your way to the front again, means driving with a dash more elan. Elan is what makes a race for us viewers. As much as I agree with the commentator regarding Hamiliton, I still have to say that he is a fabulous driver. He started second last and finished third. Plenty of elan there!

Lately they have made the race extremely safe, almost too safe to watch. Rules and regulations galore. Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see anyone injured, but be honest, a race without clashes is a tad bit boring, isn't it?