Monday, 21 July 2014

Herzlich Willkommen, Welcome Home.

Friends like these are so hard to find.

Any village has sub-layers or rather clubs and cliques. Take our village's theater group; they practice long and late hours to give us great entertainment. Their plays are legendary and oh so very funny. Bob and I have seen two so far. Yes, one huge play gets put on per year and people come from far and wide to see it.

As a reward or possibly the carrot dangling in front during those long days of rehearsals, a trip is planned. A fun trip and mainly with the actors and behind the scenes crowd. This year, they flew to Berlin for a short week of sightseeing and fun.

Yesterday was one of those Sunday that are extremely hot and sweltering. Bob, his fire - chief and a few others went along to a Frühschoppen in Kulm ( The posse was rather slim as most were in Berlin ) and I unfortunately couldn't go as I was working. At about 5 pm, Bob called to ask whether I would like to come to his fire - chiefs house to have a sun-downer. Oh, why not...when I got there, Bob and two other firemen were sitting cool as cucumbers in a pool sipping a Punitgamer. The life of Riley indeed.

I took a seat with the wives in the shade, but funnily enough, the chairs were in a row facing the pool. Almost like a jury. Bob told me afterwards that he was rather embarrassed to come out of the pool as firstly he was in his undies and secondly we all sat watching in avid fascination. Bob, not really, we were just daydreaming! But coming back to the undies story: It just goes to show, that Mothers' are always right....wear good and clean underwear everyday as you never know!

The Berliners' were returning on a bus from Vienna that was estimated to pass through Eisenberg at about 8 pm. The friends who didn't go, missed the others rather a lot so they decided to form a welcome banner and stand at the side of the road. A proper Welcome home!

When the news trickled through, that the bus was going to be arriving after nine, I didn't have the stamina to wait it out. The cat needed feeding as well and she was quite cross and showed her dislike of such a late meal time by hiding away. Bob came home an hour later, as he also was too tired.

The others, stayed up and formed the welcome committee even though they all have to be at work early today. Going away on any holiday is great, but coming home to friends and family is even better. Yesterday, the strenght and depth of friendship were proven yet again. Friends who take the time to do something special for you, are like diamonds in the sand...extremely rare and precious.