Wednesday, 4 February 2015

A Subtler Shade Of The Burgenland Blues.

Burgenland's winter wonder land needs a standing ovation.

The subtler shades of our vivid Burgenland blue has an attraction of its own, especially when it is showcased by the powdery offering of a cold winter morning.
This photo shows Hungary on the horizon.
A frozen branch, yet it still looks fantastic and tempting to hold.
If it weren't for the odd looks that passing motorists cast my way, I could have stayed there for hours. Maybe not as long, as it was a bit on the cold side.
The central feature of all village life in Burgenland and neighbouring Hungary...yes, when you let your eyes wonder over the terrain, it isn't long before you happen upon a Church.
The idea of romance meeting you at the end of this lovely path, holds true in all of nature's seasons.
This lone tree next to the watering oasis created for the thirsty and weary bicyclists and walkers, happens to be in front of the chapel of Deutsch Schützen. A blending of the subtle shades of a Winter's morning.
Last but not least, vines that almost seems to touch the heavens reminds me in a small way, that wine is divine...especially Burgenland wine! ( link to the online wine store of our area)