Thursday, 26 February 2015

One, Two, Three And Your Pet Has Got The Key To Your Heart.

A tale of a couple and their cat...

Somehow, Bob and I never thought that much about pets until we moved here to Burgenland. A good friend of ours had a whole household full of pets and as nice as it was to visit and cuddle the dog and odd cat ( they are those notoriously fickle lot ), we went home and never gave it much thought except to pull a few dog or cat hairs of our clothes.

As you know, we have grown extremely fond of our Tigger. Yes, she is our darling and rules our roost. Just one of her glances, and might I say, that they are worthy of a few Oscars, has us in parental bliss or guilt. Should we dare leave too soon to her meal time without giving her a meal, she can expertly mimic a guilt-inducing hungry look and languish on the lawn as if too weak to do much else!...Oh, that little rascal.

To be honest, a few times these looks have worked like a charm and I reopened the house to feed her early. How can I not, when she looked oh so endearing and cute. As much as Bob gets the mutters, he willingly waits while I feed her and there has been many a time, when he nudged me not to forget Tigger.

Like any actress, she knows her cue and has made a big plank of wood ( conveniently positioned opposite our kitchen window ) her daily perch...come rain or shine. Clearly, she remembers the odd occasion when we did forget to feed her. Never mind that our garden is a natural Deli, worthy of any cat's taste and cravings.

I got home late yesterday afternoon and it was way past her feeding time. Even though I hadn't seen Bob all afternoon, the first thing I said was:

" Honey, have you fed the cat? "
and why wouldn't he...Bob is as besotted with our little feral Tigger as I am. In fact, the two of us have this little competition of who our cat gets closer to. Oh yes, she has got us wrapped around her little paw.

If you have ever shopped for pet food, you'll know that the pet food isle is almost longer than the baby food isle in any supermarket. Clearly we are not the only pet lovers, crazy enough to pamper their little treasures. Goodness me, you can even buy diet cat food ( gosh, what next? )...but rest assured, we haven't crossed that line yet, and our little pet gets nothing too special.

Over the years, I have kind of learnt that she prefers 3,5% Milk and only because she left any milk that was less fat. But, with food, I have become a strict Mummy...if she doesn't finish her food, I won't put more in her bowl until it's empty. She only tried this once or twice, and now her bowl is empty when I get to fill it again...

P/S: We love our little cat.


Our little darling striking a pose.