Monday, 16 February 2015

FaceBook Is So Much More Than Just A Social Place To Share Your Meal & Utopian Dreams.

Facebook, a modern genie of sorts.

Let's be honest, we have all had to wade through a mountain of meals partaken by our friends. Pictures of meals had and cappuccinos sipped at various shopping centers are strewn all over the news feed and make us ponder the great disconnect!

What about that other loiterer of news feeds? The perfect storm of Utopian dreams of expats is ever present. The pictures of a seemingly joyous youth spent in bars ( luckily not behind them ) and venues no longer there, the " When We " string of conversations of expats mingled with unflattering comments about the weather of their new domicile and of course the last leg of that perfect storm that feeds an imaginary but constant feeling of not belonging where you should...photographic homages to recent holidays taken and the joy had.

Goodness me, we all know that what happens during a holiday is never reproduced in real life. When expats visit back home, of course they only get shown a slice of what they are one wants to look like they made a mistake not leaving when you did.

Isn't it ironic, when for years people do everything they can to get a chance to emigrate and become a member of that elusive club of Expats, once they are, the crocodile tears flow for the life they have left behind. Not fair to the country that took a chance on you, is it?

But as usual, I digress. Facebook has a lot of good sides to it too. Yes, it sometimes is jolly hard work getting to the bottom of your news stream ( or can one? ) and just like in school, the popular ones get all the support or likes.

Facebook only needed one little red number to reaffirm its ingenious way of keeping us befriended with it for a long time to come.

A friend request came through last night. An old ( not that she is old ) friend sent it to me and instantly made me recall happy memories of way back when. Facebook, when you think about it, is that one social media that can reconnect you with old friends in a way that no amount of letter writing can.

So, despite all the grumbles about Facebook every now and again,

I have to say a big Thank you to it.