Thursday, 12 February 2015

A Warm Covering Of Moss Wrapped Around A Tree And Other Wintry Looks.

A bright and colourful forerunner of Spring perhaps?

This beautiful, yet slightly skew massive tree is at the edge of the forest between Eisenberg and Deutsch Schützen. The emerald green was so vivid and intense as if the rays of the sun kissed it awake.
To you it might just seem like an ordinary forest scene, but when you've walked through a wintry forest, you realize that spots of colour are very rare and when they do occur, they lift the surrounding elements of nature to another level. A level, where the whites are whiter and the browns more ochre.
A very inviting place to rest, don't you think?
The green thread that keeps running through most winter scenes while at the same time making sure we don't get discouraged. Spring does seem just around the corner.
Without the green thread, winter still gives us these amazing collages. The blanket of innocence.
The most sturdy plant in our garden, or rather outside our front gate. As it is a shrub, I tend to forget to water it, which sort of ties in with the fact that I never see it once I am inside our garden. Yet, it thrives in the most adverse conditions and yesterday, it fairly emitted oodles of cheerfulness.