Sunday, 15 February 2015

All For One And One For All.

And I am not talking about the Three Musketeers either!

As much as most of us tend to live as if the world is just there for us and our own enjoyment, we need to catch a strong whiff of reality. Whatever we do affects someone directly or indirectly.

Let's take the easier problem first and I can't believe I said easier, but alas it is.

We all know that the Mother Earth is hurting. We shake an angry fist at fate when there is a fatal fire, earthquake or storm, yet we are not prepared to do anything about it.
This incessant hyper consuming has to stop. How much more do we all need and to be blunt, when you are faced with losing your life due to a fate from nature, all the stuff in your house means nothing.

Even the simplest bit, each of us could do without, being too " Inconvienenced " such as recycling, is not done by all. Perhaps having a rubbish collection strike is not a bad thing after least you can see the rubbish / garbage piling up outside your own front door.

If you keep on saying that it makes no difference if you recycle or not, have a look at those new glamorous islands floating in our oceans...Isle de Plastique.

In case you are still in denial, fish that you eat ( from canned tuna to fresh fish ) have been feeding on this lot. Draw your own conclusions.

But now for the worse problem. A problem that affects us all even though, again we think we are safe in our lounge chairs looking at it from a safe distance.

We need to find a way to end all those new wars taking place. Has history taught us nothing? How much more painful must the lesson be before we take notice? How many more people need to lose their homes, livelihoods and lives before we say:

Enough. No more. Do something or we vote you out of Government.

What is worth so much, that it warrants the lives of so many? And by the way, why are nations still allowed to produce the weapons needed to fight wars?

What we do to others, we do to ourselves...