Tuesday, 3 February 2015

The Burgenland Blues.

The above & beyond of Burgenland.

As you can see, the blues make everything else pop out with fervour and magnetism.
Braving the icy cold of a winter morning is not for the faint of heart. We have been reacquainted with the awesome iciness of a day starting in the minus'. Somehow, I tend to only notice the first plummet below the zero mark, and frankly, if it does go to the next lower level ( - 8 / 9 / 10 ) it is still cold...once your fingers start to numb, they stay numb.
We were blessed with one of those typical Burgenland sunshine days ( yes, sunshine for about, give or take 300 days per year ) that made everything more attractive...us included.
The rustling of the branches made me look up. Who would have thought that such tiny birds could make the branches serenade? Honestly, it took me a few tries to get these photos, because the minute my jacket made a noise they chose the high road and fluttered off. Luckily for me, only for a few wing flips and then they perched again on their branch of choice.
" Where's everybody? "
The motley crew assembling for a morning gossip session. These blue skies are the proverbial manna for that winter weary feeling.
This Burgenland blue is so stunning with that certain Je ne sais quoi that it should be trademarked. Just love it and the beautiful setting it provides for everything.
The four friends assembling to take it all in. Maybe they were discussing the best place to find a worm at this time of the year, or they were hailing Bob as a good chap...
" Guys, you must try Bob's place. His sunflower seeds are in endless supply and first rate! "