Thursday, 19 February 2015

Cook Your Own Food From Scratch And Help Save The Planet!

Try and give frozen foods a rest for a while.

As you know, I was lamenting about the use of the microwave oven and what it means for real food. Of course a lot of you are extremely tired and exhausted when you come home from work and still have to tackle homework, household chores while producing a meal for your loved ones along with an occasional peep at your online social life.

When you buy any frozen pizza and notice how inexpensive they are, do you ever wonder where they are made and where their ingredients are sourced from? Most frozen pizzas have more air miles ( carbon footprints galore ) to them than your favourite celebrity.

Grace Foundation: Taking a bite out of Climate Change.

The cunning factory management source the cheapest components for that pizza, because they have to make a profit for their owners ( shareholders etc ) . They kind of absolve themselves from any blame, by merely saying that we, the consumer, wouldn't buy a frozen pizza made with less well traveled ingredients. In other words, they think we are cheapskates...and you know, they are not that wrong either...but we can change, can't we?

  • Tomatoes usually from Italy. When a pizza costs less than a Euro or two, how much do you think the tomatoes cost? Remember, they need to be harvested ( using cheap labour ), collected and transported to the pizza making factory.
  • Garlic, is grown cheaply in China and that adds a lot of miles onto your pizza.
  • Salami and ham on top...draw your own conclusions. Maybe it is time to return to our neighbourhood butcher, because he can tell you for sure where and how his salami or ham is made!
  • Flour and the stuff that makes it plyable and moist...Palm oil.

Palm oil is one of the worst contributors to climate change. Reading up on this Article from World Wild Life Organization, made me see that each of us can make a jolly big difference to help stop climate change.

Did you know, that our buying habits fuels the palm oil industry to such an extent, that in order to grow more, the Rain Forests get the chop, as this is a good place to grow palm trees.

There is only one force stronger than any government...

The consumer, each one of us has power.
and somehow, we have forgotten how powerful our own opinions and behaviour is. At the end of the day, it is we, who have to make a choice whether we buy well traveled food, or whether we buy local, or at least closer to home.

Ironically, buying closer to home, might reinvigorate jobs, jobs that had left for foreign climes... Shopping responsibly is not often easy and gosh, I have bought plenty of well traveled stuff.

Even if we only buy one or two things responsibly per day, just imagine the outcome for our planet...and how many local jobs we would re-create!


Just to show that we make our own pizza...Bob is the pizza chef in our house and his pizza taste divine.