Friday, 27 February 2015

Winter, Really? Doesn't Look Like It In Eisenberg.

Some nice depictions of yesterday, another fabulous Winter's day.

As you know, my favourite colour combination is in full force. The chill that does seem to hang in the air was definitely there! The gentle curve of the road to Eisenberg is almost hypnotic.
The same place but about 90 degrees to the left. Deutsch Schützen would be to the right of this picture, and straight ahead is the Hungarian village of Grossdorf. A cat's whisker away and still on the Eisenberg itself.
A closeup of Kroatisch Schützen's village church.
A bit later, about mid morning our little Tigger did her thing. A pose, preceded by a guilty look. Yes, Bob and I were on our way to Oberwart.
A chicken yard somewhere in Hannersdorf ( a village about 10 km from us. ) When I see and hear happy chickens, it makes me consider having a chicken yard of our own. Yes, these chickens will be gracing the inside of a pot at some stage, but at least they had a life of running wild. When you buy a chicken from your supermarket or discounter, it might be better not to imagine the life it had...
The rooster prancing around and ordering his entourage to stop looking at me. For a minute they all ran to the fence in glee and excitement. As I didn't toss a morsel to them, they soon turned away...