Saturday, 28 February 2015

Seeing A White Horse Brings You Luck, So Here's Something For You.

May your day bring only good things...

I stumbled across this fellow during yesterday's walk in the Eisenberg vineyards. My gosh, this stunning horse is full of character with a bit of cheek for good measure!
A model of a horse...full of fun too, as it looks certain that he did a liberal bit of rolling in some mud or his coat is changing from black to white. When the weather is a bit warmer, I will take a deck chair and sit for a while until I see this horse rolling in the mud. Those will be spectacular photos.
A classic beauty, don't you think?
" Hey, who're you looking at? "

As I had dozen photos by then, it seemed to me that he ( sorry, not sure ) was getting tired of me. Little does he know, that I will be back ...

A kind of zoom out picture...As you can see, the essentials of life are in the background. Oh yes, the vines.
His friends were roaming the paddock and could the reason he wasn't with them, be because he is a cheeky rascal after all?

I hope these photos will bring you oodles of good luck!