Sunday, 22 February 2015

Exercise Or Meditation In The Vineyards, You Be The Judge.

A Nice And Arduous Saturday Afternoon In Deutsch Schützen's Vineyards.

Friday still saw us do a stint of gentle meditation. Pruning of the vines was the order of the day. Nice and gentle indeed. We lived in the moment and thus didn't give a thought to the twigs of vines that were artistically chopped off and thrown on the ground. Well, I did have a distant memory of what would be the outcome, because we do pruning every year...

Rows of vines seem endless and once they're pruned, little heaps of branches amass on the ground waiting to be collected. If you've ever picked up a bunch of branches, you'll know that they all have a mind of their own and getting them all facing the same direction is far from easy. Picking them up and carrying them to the trailer is an exercise in perseverance and stamina.

My mum and I did that chore while Albert and Bob drove numerous times to the local organic refuse dump. Also no mean feat. Somehow, I think it classified as a meditation affair, because even though it was arduous work ( bending down, picking up sticks, walking back to the trailer 50-60 times ) the time flew and before I knew it, six o'clock was not far off.

The sheer joy and fun of living in a small village is always present. As we are a small village, most of us know what car the others drive...who is where and with whom! When a friend drove passed and saw our car parked there next to the vineyard, she naturally stopped to shoot the breeze. Gosh, we lead a brilliant life.

The only photos I took where on the last run to dump the vines. Bob, being the gentleman he is, let me watch from the side lines and I took the opportunity to snap away.
At least you can see the big pile of vines that my mum and I had picked up and carried to the trailer. This morning, my muscles are staging a protest and remind me of yesterday's workout every time I bend down and get up...
Sorry, I couldn't resist...Bionic Bob in action!
Twisting 90 degrees to my left, I was rewarded with this beautiful view of Deutsch Schützen in the distance. A nice and gentle path leading to it. You can just about make out the vineyards in the distance. A lovely afternoon ending with the sun dipping ever so slowly.
Turning 90 degrees to my right, afforded me the back view of eh, Hö and the turns we take.