Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentines On A Saturday - Oh How Convenient.

The day of endless possibilities and broken dreams.

Woe be the man who has the gumption to forget Valentines Day in regard to his true love. Or so it has been made out in folklore or rather the media.

Valentines is one of those momentous days where even the petrol station sells out of iffy bunches of flowers. The type of flowers that look almost artificial and pronounce loud and clear to the recipient that it was a close call.

Bob and I were reminiscing about our school days and the pressure of a Valentines day. Yes, quite horrid to live up to expectations. Unless one was part of the A-team at school which neither of us were, ( the jocks and pretty slim girls, who by the way mostly lose their lustre after school ) there was no guarantee of receiving one of those so longed for Valentines cards or a rose dangling knowingly on your desk.

Fast forward to work life, and I can recall many Valentines Days where spouses of co-workers, only by the skin of their teeth managed to send a public display of love. A gift basket, a card or a bunch of flowers. In order to keep up appearances of a happy relationship, a few hushed phone calls were placed to a hapless husband.

Name me one person who is able to resist the lure of a bar of chocolate or even a fancier Valentines creation of it, but still, the strength of a relationship should not depend on this one public day.

That person by your side through life, the one that is a constant in your thoughts deeds and actions, even in the odd fight or two, doesn't need an annual reminder of your love....

...but a daily one. Those little thoughtful gestures we make daily are what it is all about.

  • Making coffee first thing in the morning and bringing a cup to them.
  • Opening the gate for your love just before she gets home from work, to save her getting out of the car.
  • Making soup when the other spouse is too sick to get out of bed and secretly phoning a parent to get the exact recipe.
  • Holding hands in public....even after being together a long time.
  • Going for a long walk together.
  • Showing kindness to others, because that is one of those deeds that makes one feel fuzzy around the heart...

So, if you went all out and bought flowers, chocolates or lingerie ( men, don't think we are fooled by that! ) by all means, hand those rare treats over,

but please don't forget the true Valentines Day...Everyday!


A Burgenland, or rather Eisenberg bunch of red roses.
Complemented by a white rose. Eisenberg has many treasures...