Monday, 19 June 2017

A Day Almost Too Beautiful To Be A Monday.

The weather couldn't be more stunning.

Monday morning sees me stepping about with the walking group and it is always joyful to meet up and hear each other's news and views. The sun was out today and announcing its stubborn appearance for the rest of the day and some even think, the rest of the week.

Surrounded by green grass and golden yellow wheat fields we started our route. As I mostly let them decide which one to walk I was pleasantly surprised when they chose one of my favourites. I call it the Hungary route. Just skimming the edges of it but still aware of its unique style and beauty. A lovely walk indeed and most of us at one stage or another voiced our good fortune at being allowed to live in such an awesome place.

Ambling along the dirt road while occasionally stopping to take a photo of the golden yellow wheat field was blissful. Maybe it was the grounding effect of walking on plain old pebbles, the sound of a tractor somewhere across the field or the chance to catch a breather from that hectic life we've inadvertently tried on for size and forgotten to shrug off again ( more like a straight jacket as there seemingly is no escape from it ) that shifted everything back into focus and importance.

Because most of the important aspects to life are free of charge, most of us undervalue them...but where would we be without Health, Happiness and Family?

A small glimpse of Eisenberg.