Monday, 5 June 2017

A Gallop To The Door.

A royal reception.

Even though it is a public holiday today, yes there does seem to be an endless supply and suspiciously they all fall on either a Friday or a Monday, my walking troupe walked. A lovely traversing of lanes meandering around the various vineyards while accompanied by the most interesting news that only a face to face can bring. Really, who needs a newspaper.

Last night's rain did wonders to the vibrancy of all the flowers and luckily so because this week a whole lot of family is coming to stay. Absolutely fabulous and somehow most of the Buschenschänke, castles and ice-cream parlours will be rediscovered by us. Oh dear, how ever will we manage...! Of course from now on there will be jokes starting with;

" An American, Austrian, South African, Gibraltarian and Bavarian walked into a Buschenschank...

But, back to the gallop. Whenever I tie up my shoe laces our Mausi knows that I'm going out. Her little head hangs low, her eyes give me a sad look that let's my heart melt and if she'd meowed, I would stay home but she usually gives me the cold shoulder and continues occupying her seat in the feline cinema. Today's flick featured two blackbirds, a neighbouring tomcat and a bug or two. Rather riveting.

As it's a holiday today, Bob is home so that Mausi wasn't alone but yet, when I got home from my walk ten minutes ago, I called out a greeting, no actually two greetings;

" I'm back! "
" Mausi, mummy's home. "
Pets and children get more attention it seems.

Well, I hadn't taken off more than my one shoe when I heard a plop followed by the sound made by running feet on a wooden floor. She careered toward me with such joy, speed and happiness that she collided with my feet. Too cute. Mausi and I have a ritual greeting. I pick her up and sling her over my right shoulder and she just loves it.

Bob's a bit miffed I think as he commended me on my good fortune of receiving such a royal greeting, one that he's never had the privilege of getting...even though, as I often remind her, he puts the food on her table.

Yes, a picture from last year, but now you can understand our love for this little cat...