Tuesday, 6 June 2017

...I'm A Lumberjack And I'm Okay...

English breakfast at Aloisia's.

Every now and again Bob and I venture to our favourite breakfast place, although to be frank, we frequent it also for the scrumptious cakes on offer. There is nothing like an English Breakfast on a Sunday or a day off and sadly here in Burgenland we are in a minority regrading this breakfast treat. Continental just doesn't cut it with those brought up surrounded by the English way of life.

By coincidence we discovered that Aloisia has had the good idea to put a type of breakfast onto her menu which by again coincidentally resembles our beloved English one. The notorious Holzhacker / Lumberjack Breakfast.

Be warned, you have to be hungry to do it justice and if you haven't felled a tree before having it, you will have enough energy after having it. They say photographs are deceiving and airbrushed which is true in this case. The picture perfect plate shown in the menu sports two fried eggs, a few strands of bacon, plenty rye bread and a cup of coffee. Well, in reality...

Bob and I have brought friends in need of an English breakfast due to an overenthusiastic participation in wine tastings and family in need of a bit of wowing to Aloisia's and each time the plate had the following on it:

Between 4-5 fried eggs, almost a pack of bacon and a whole basket full of toast and bread rolls.
Did I mention that the coffee or tea ( black tea is an enigma in Austria so take care not to receive a cup of peppermint tea by mistake ) is included in the price? Well, including a cup of barista brewed coffee it costs euro 4,70. Unbelievable, isn't it?

As more family is coming to visit I have a feeling that very soon I will have the occasion to be reminded of England in paradise yet again. Can't wait...