Tuesday, 13 June 2017

A Happy Find On My Walk.

Abundance is everywhere.

At times I do my walk almost on autopilot, taking the same routes and thinking of what to write while I do that. Amid my own definition of what makes our village so awesome and listing the many points in my mind, I heeded to intuition and changed the side of the road.

It must have been years since I took to that side of the road and only because there was a German Shepard of questionable temperament living there. Despite being long in the tooth its teeth were sharp enough to make me heed caution. Somehow my little voice reminded me that the people had moved a few months ago and the canine threat with it. Even though it was just before eight nobody was about.

In mid stride something shiny and bright caught my eye. Small, blue, partly shiny partly grimy. We had torrential rains last night and a bit of laundering seems to have happened with this shiny bit of paper. Yes, you guessed right, yours truly has found money. A blue twenty euro note was whiling the time away in the gutter wondering what it would be spent on, if at all. Thankfully the new paper it's printed on can be washed or should I say laundered...

Having been a viewer of many prank tv shows, I took the time to carefully look about for any hidden cameras. Naturally smiling prettily while I did it, just in case, but not a thing and as the note was in the gutter in front of an empty house I took the liberty to be polite to fate and pick it up.

When the universe sends you abundance, it starts with small coins and changes to notes only if you don't think it was beneath your dignity to pick up copper pennies. Often I give pennies a shelter in my wallet and it seems I've been rewarded with a twenty euro note.