Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Saturday Morning Spent Mowing Among The Vines Of Eisenberg.

The Bobster has a new apprentice.

Granted, I took this photo while lazing about under an apple tree awaiting my master and perhaps further instructions. It was a picture perfect morning, complete with all the ingredients that make up Burgenland. Blue sky, green vines, Bremsen and the sound of lawnmowers hollering about. Even the odd ant trying its luck didn't deter me from lying in the shady side, waiting for Bob and counting our blessings.
A bird of prey was circling and suddenly many murderous plots read came to the fore. Who might be lying there?
A new bee hotel has been put up which gave Bob a bit of a pause but there were none buzzing about. Last week Bob's buddy from work gave him a huge jar of honey. Pure white and apparently the bees supped on Raps Blumen. although I tend to be a bit skeptical...
" Sorry little bee, this field is out of bound for you / Don't touch the roses, they are the Jones's food. "

My man at work...yes, it is jolly hard work but what a stunning office to work in...
A stately affair. Apples and grapes... Never hungry nor thirsty shall we be.
I mustn't forget the cherries. There are cherry trees big and small all around. Strange to think that in the shops a kilo of cherries cost roughly 5 euros while we've got them dangling in most gardens and forests.
The view from one of my perches while waiting for Bob. This is the other side of the Adaxl.