Friday, 23 June 2017

Sweltering Hot Weather.

Where is that famous rain?

With each progressive hot day my esteem for Bob increases exponentially. He's out during the day, every day. Of course I pester him every morning in a wifely a.k.a. nagging sort of way.

" Have you got your sunblock / hat / water / keys..."
and just as well because Bob's thoughts are always a step ahead and often forgetting something in the process.

As you know, I am known as Scarf-girl as in summer and winter I am with skin frizzles for fun and despite all the teasing I stick to my guns and cover my neck.

Bob's starting to understand my bit of madness and is considering getting a bandanna. Yeah, he'll look like a rocker. Cool in so many ways if we manage to scare up a suitable colour of bandanna or material to make one.

The temperature reached 38 degrees yesterday and today shouldn't be far off. We had an inkling of a storm this morning but apart from a few drops coupled with a dark sky, the heat remains. Grass is browning, flowers are wilting and ice cream is selling like hot cakes. Talking of ice cream, we had a few bananas left over from the lunch box and I thought before I have to throw them out I'd make a banana bread.

I had the kitchen scale out when it dawned on me that we were out of eggs. Much too hot to go to my neighbour's down the road so I had to make a plan. The bananas were mixed with milk and then I put the mixture into our ice-lollies container. Into the freezer they went and I have to admit that having two banana ice cream lollies after dinner was a lifesaver and cost nothing.

As far as the weather forecast goes, the heatwave is here to stay for another week. Honestly, I really thought that I had left the hot weather behind in South Africa but it seems to have followed us here.

Sleeping next to an open window is a must and early this morning I had the cat trio around me. Mausi on the window sill inside and Tigger across from her but still with the mosquito netting between them. I dozed off and was awakened by the most horrendous growling from one of them. A third cat, the local Lothario, was meandering a bit too close to Mausi because Tiggi was giving him stick and would have protected our princess with her life. Honestly, I've never realized how frightening an angry cat can sound.

The curtains are closed and thankfully our 60 cm thick walls are keeping our home nice and cool. Respect for the architects of the last century. Our house was built in the 1920's and the way it was built and placed on the land, has kept it in fine shape and us cool as well...