Saturday, 17 June 2017

House Cats And Their Extremely Fussy Culinary Habits.

Spoiled or not well?

Yesterday morning marked the second meal our princess had forsaken. A quick sniff nary a taste and away she walked, naturally with a dejected air to make us even more worried. All we've figured out since she joined us at home, is her love of sauces. She will lick the sauce first and then the meaty bits...but of course not all brands are to her liking.

Bob was so worried that he asked me to drive to Oberwart's pet emporium in order to tempt our cat to eat more than a little bite. She is a skinny thing in any case. There might be a alternative explanation to her lacklustre appetite. Perhaps she caught a mouse in our house? Believe me, I've been monitoring her ablutions in case I see a mouse bone or tail emerge.

Honestly, I balked at driving such a long way for Mausi and chose to go to Deutsch Schützen and it's ADEG shop. I know they carry some pet food and I found a selection of three different brands that had sauce with it. Yikes, our cat's food costs more than ours!

In our village it's so nice to see how children help out their parents. Whatever their age. The shopkeeper's son had a break from work and helped his mother out behind the till. As I like chatting with people, I told him the reason for my prolific and varying cat food purchase.

" Our cat's not eating her food, so I'm trying out different types to tempt her. "
well, his mother had just walked to the front and must have overheard me...
" My son also just wants to eat Schnitzle every day, but he has to eat pasta too. "
He just grinned at his mother's keen perception and I realized that she had a point. We pander to our darling with alarming haste the minute she turns away from her food. The one good thing about this is that our other cat, she who resides on our window sill, Tigger, is getting nice and plump. How could she not when we put all of Mausi's untouched food into her bowl?

Luckily, Mausi seems to like two of the cat foods I bought yesterday and we don't have to drive so far to get her food.

The delightful life of Mausi