Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lavender, Bees & Weeds.

Our colourful garden.

We were given a tiny marigold plant ( Ringelblume ) and potted the bright yellow flowers make us feel happy merely walking passed them. This photo reminds me of Laurel & Hardy or rather their hairstyle.
A happy buzzing right outside our front door. The lavender is just busy starting to blossom.
A sun lover it seems. The rich red of the flower fits perfectly against the bench.
Lavender, so soothing.
This year our recycled pig troughs have been given a mixed hue. Let's see if they all get along and survive the summer.
An uncut lawn ( or a piece of it in any case ) holds many botanical treasures. I tend to call this the white lawn...
Our four Uhudler vines are growing. Not enough for wine but more than enough for Uhudler jam.