Monday, 12 June 2017

Time, From Seconds To Eternity.

Hard to put a finger on it, isn't it?

When I was at high school, Friday afternoons were reserved for going to the local library, heavily laden by the five books already read and eager to exchange them for new ones to read. Stepping into this building was akin to travelling in time. History was as close as it ever will be on the one isle, Biographies on another and novels on almost all the others.

Time stood still. How could it not while dipping a toe into the various stories told in the timeless environs of a library surrounded by that distinct perfume of old and new books standing side by side awaiting their chance to vacation in someone's home for a week.

Time at school itself seemed to stand still and reaching the end of high school was so far away we didn't actually believe we'd ever get there. A case of time dragging its feet. Those sages masquerading as adults who used to love telling us that time at school will have been the best time of our lives, were ignored and thought of as old fools. Little did we know...

Time spent with your special someone, special as in you would rather spend time with them than without, gallops away and before you can say boo or wear stretch pants at home, you've been together fourteen years.

Mondays must be time's little adjutants because gosh darn it, they can't wait to push Sundays aside to remind us of who they're working for. How is it possible that two whole days can be swallowed up virtually unseen in this time segment called a week? Each and every Friday night, a seemingly endless weekend is ahead of us until we wake up transported mysteriously to Monday morning complete with alarm clocks, lunch boxes and a sense of having misplaced the enthusiasm needed to go to work.

The most mysterious riddle of lost time is often only understood when we start to utter phrases bemoaning the state of today's youth..." When I was young, I wouldn't have dared to do this that or the other. " Suddenly we get a sense of having lived twenty years without really having lived. Time didn't wait for us to do the things we dreamt of doing and you know, that new trend of writing a bucket list is cowardly...we should do all those things as time goes by and not at the end of it...