Friday, 2 June 2017

President Macron, A Breath Of Fresh Air.

A man with common sense it seems.

When he got elected last month, a lot of Europeans sighed a breath of relief and many single older ladies discovered a new dating pool on the horizon. Young men, do take care not to be snared by an older woman...

Back in my single days when my friends and I used to go out after work in order to meet that elusive prince, little knowing that this precious species doesn't dangle over bars or hop about in night clubs, there were some places we dared not step foot over. To be seen there was against the code and instant social ostracism.

A pub that morphed into a disco on Friday nights and inundated with divorcees. Gosh, women in droves lined up to enter and cleverly kept to the less lit areas. A dearth of bright light takes years of anyone! Men under the age of 25 had sense enough not to go there. Dangerous hunting grounds of the over 40's.

Well, that's a thing of the past. Age is but a number and soon it will be le dernier cri to have a much younger man holding your hand. Oh, the gloves are off in the dating pools.

Today has turned out spectacular. Despite a foreign leader cutting off his nose to spite his face and choosing to be put in History's bad books, many other leaders of politics, industry and entertainment are stepping up to the plate and are reminding us that in fact, we and not a President's decision make a difference to protecting nature. It starts and ends with our individual choices, deeds and way of life.

President Macron is on the ball, is fabulous and has grabbed this sudden opportunity with both hands. He has issued an invitation for any scientist not happy over yonder to move to France. Europe it seems is the new place to be...Article in The Business Insider.