Friday, 30 June 2017

A Glimpse Of An Ordinary Day.

Aren't they just the best?

Yes, it's just a tree yet it is that much more. A symbol of our childhoods, trees we climbed, mud we played in and long summer holidays spent outside until we couldn't evade the calls to come inside for a bath and supper any longer.
So stunning yet growing in a ditch, ignored by many and soon to be mowed.
A view to make one's imagination run, no almost gallop wild picturing the life lived in this cottage, surrounded by sheer rural bliss.
Simple, beautiful and enough.
The bees are back in town...our lavender plant has super-sized itself yet again and is a major attraction for bees and bumblebees.
As you can see, we feed our pets well. Tigger isn't even bothered by a meal on the go, giving this little bird a free pass despite its noisy dares...