Saturday, 1 July 2017

Heiling In Rechnitz.

Dear Bob, a trip to Rechnitz is on the cards.

Have you ever seen or looked at something, feeling that you shouldn't have? Burned onto your retinas and mind forever? Well, this morning it happened to me.

Rather innocently flipping through a local newspaper I saw what I now wish I hadn't. The mere colours alone brought back many memories. Light green coupled with a scoop made sure of it.

What might Heiling be...well, it is an ice cream chain and the last time I'd been in their main store was while showing family the divine village of Lockenhaus. Their ice cream, handmade and organic is out of this world and contrary to popular belief, not much more expensive. In fact, it's so good and healthy one has to have more...

They've opened a branch in Rechnitz as of last month. Wow, so close and I only found out today. Common curtsy demands that I lend my support to their new branch and of course I do so reluctantly and if I were in England I could profess to do it for England, but somehow I will do it for Rechnitz.

Rechnitz has so many attractions such as a Badesee, cold enough to remedy any overenthusiastic wine festival attendee the next day and of course wonderful wine estates in scenic vineyards.

The last time Bob and I were in Rechnitz we traveled in style sitting in the back of a tractor drawn trailer, holding on to our wine glasses while beaming with sheer joy at slowly being driven from wine estate to wine estate. Yes, at the annual Weinfrühling.

There is only one thing I am glad about...luckily it is a 15 km drive from us because otherwise I'd be a regular customer.