Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Baby Marrows Have Outgrown Their Moniker.

A zucchini by any other name...

When our high bed first came into usage, Bob and his dad enthusiastically planted a collection of vegetable seeds and why not. Those tiny seeds, apart from the tomato bushes are quickly buried in the soil and one never ever imagines their eventual size. Gosh, we have a mini jungle in our front yard and people are starting to notice our gardening success.

Only because I know that the snakes slithering about in our bit of Burgenland have more likeness to an overgrown rain worm than any African snakes do I put my hands into this jungle never mind to walk between it. Bob is rather clever in delegating the watering of them to me. The stalks or should I say stems have got a prickly exterior and gloves would have been a good option. Did I mention that he also tries to delegate the weeding of it to me? Sometimes I listen...often I don't!

Those planted on the edge of the vegetable patch are affording us a glimpse underneath and the green jumbo sized baby marrow growing from it. Amazing really to think that all this germinated from a seed not bigger than a penny. You wouldn't believe the size of these vegetables and how tasty they are either as a soup, topping for a pizza or as a side dish.

So far our marrow jungle has yielded four huge marrows ( two we gave away and two we devoured ) and there seem to be many many more underneath. The other successful crop we've got ( except for a few tomatoes that didn't like it with us ) are cocktail tomatoes which seem to be as prolific in multiplying as the baby marrow.

Even though it looks like our marrows are on something, we haven't used any chemicals to further their life or any poison to banish their foes. Let's hope Bob doesn't get sick of eating marrows.

Despite photographing the baby marrow next to a basket of freshly picked cocktail tomatoes it looks not out of the ordinary...
Okay, that's more like cellphone next to it.