Saturday, 29 July 2017

Life With Mausi, A Continuous Adventure.

The joys of rearing a well adjusted cat.

It was hot as blazes again yesterday and when I got home at five, Bob and Mausi were catching twenty winks on the bed. As I do tend to make a bit of noise hanging up keys, taking off shoes and so forth, the two of them awoke.

Both had that sleep induced daze and Bob deserved this nap as he'd spent 8 hours mowing the vineyards in the blatant heat, but Mausi takes liberties and sleeps as she sees fit which in her case means all day long. I came and sat down on the bed to have a chat and with my two Schatzis and of course the minute I sat down the one got up, heading for the kitchen.

A few moments later I heard the distinct crunching noise of somebody eating a fresh crisp. Someone was having a blast munching audibly on a few crisps.

" Oh my god, she's eating my crisps!!"

Bob was outraged but too tired to get up to see and it fell to me to investigate. La Mausi was sitting ( at least elegantly ) on the kitchen table having a blast crunching her way through Bob's bowl of crisps.

" Mausi, get down now. Where are your manners? Tables are off limits for you! "
Honestly, withing seconds she was off the table and on the chair, sitting like any child looking at me with those innocent eyes..
" Mommy, why can't I eat crisps when Daddy can ? "
Bob of course had taken this one step further and tried to remember how many crisps were left in the bowl before he went to lie down...clearly the princess has developed a taste for crisps and the mere opening sound of a packet of crisps will have her at your feet within seconds.

...innocent until proven guilty...