Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Saturday At The Office.

Long sleeves and tie are optional...

Bob and I left early this morning to mow one of the vineyards. Not too early but early enough to evade the sun. Of course the only proof that I was there are these photographs!
Not too shabby for an office? An office with a view of Hungary.
Can you see what we did? Bob took the brush cutter to cut between each vine and on the edges while I pushed the lawnmower for the rest...rather fun to work with Bob.
My part of the lawn was done quicker than Bob and it afforded me anther chance to reflect on how beautiful nature is. Rural bliss.
Bob and I live close to where you see that barn in the background. The nice thing about living here is that everything is within walking distance....
A happy co-habitation of weeds, bugs and wheat. What a divine day, Saturday.