Monday, 24 July 2017

Thank Goodness For A Bit Of Irish Humour.

Online review; saying things you often wouldn't have the guts to tell face to face.

Not saying that they are all like it, but I can pretty well imagine that the mere fact that it's something to do with emitting our online presence we use many props to make us shine.

When isn't it a case of making oneself look better than we are? Gosh, only through a dare do women concede to putting a make-up free face online otherwise it's a constant round of postings showing a life that is just so perfect and pretty!

Yes, the online business is many things, rarely though the whole truth and nothing but it. We all want to look good and if we are angry we want the world at large to sidle over to our point of view, and we don't hesitate to use a few props along the way.

Nowadays most hotels, B&B's and restaurants are at the mercy of being critiqued online, without really getting the chance to correct wrongs, improve food or drill staff. Reading reviews ( honestly, I hardly ever do ) can be a bit misleading and who's to say that a competitor has invented a fictitious stay gone wrong? Suddenly, a real case of fake news indeed.

Take the time to read the reply written by a hotel manager in Ireland, after he stumbled across a bad review from one of his hotel guests.

Doolin hotel manager's reply to a bad TripAdviser review.
Brilliant, worthy of making us think, and vitally, he gets to the heart of the matter...there are two sides to every story and my personal favourite is...
" Do not come to Doolin if Wi-Fi is more important to you than human interaction, you will be disappointed. "