Thursday, 20 July 2017

The Postman Always Rings Twice.

The most vital part of village life, the postman.

Most of the time I can set my watch to his rounds. Usually just after 1 pm and almost psychically I can predict whether it is a hand delivered letter or a drop in our postbox. Could be the squeaking of our gate and letter box...

Each area has a permanent postman who gets to know his charges rather well. When ours sees us in the faraway Metropolis of Oberwart he gives us a wave, even in civvies. Don't blame him as yellow doesn't suit everyone.

Certainly, he'd be au courant with most of everyone's goings on. In this case he does have to judge a book by its covers. Irritatingly enough, most embarrassing pieces of mail are marked for further humiliation with a bold stamp of affairs. Ah well, postmen know all.

Anyway, this morning I went with my parents to go and clean a few Kellerstöckls and as we drove back to our house ( well, I sat in the back seat very reminiscent of my teenage years ) I noticed the yellow postal cab already down the road. Gosh, he was frightfully early and after I'd been dropped off by my parents I automatically checked the postbox and was rewarded with a newspaper, a couple of coupons and a - While you were out there was a registered letter for you and you can collect it at the local shop at your convenience. -

Always exciting to get special mail but to get it I would have to go to the shop. Fleetingly I thought of driving down the road to catch the postman but before I could, there was a knock at the door. When I opened it, there was our postman:

" Oh, how nice! Sorry I missed you the first time but I was out with my parents."

" Yes, I saw all of you driving passed just know and thought I'd try again to save you the bother of going to the shop. "

Two things, no actually three things; Wow, how nice, wow, we live in a town where everyone knows our car ( even those once removed ) and lastly, Mausi was well behaved and didn't bolt out the door as I was thanking our postman.

Again, village life at its best...