Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Foal, Two Horses And A Deer.

Rural living at its best...

Early bird catches a deer. Walking just after sunrise is the perfect time to spot them. At first one only hears the heavy rustling of leaves followed by the swisch-sound of their graceful departure.
Along the village road one of the farm houses has the most adorable lodgers. Often the two Haflinger horses are seen being walked by their owners around the village greens and nobody had an inkling that the mare's expanding girth was not the result of constant grazing...A four week old foal, cute as a button and being male, a touch of obstinacy is inherent.
Standing between his parents, one noticed that he was rather naughty. Here he's trying to chew through the lead hanging off his father's halter.
Another classic toddler behaviour. He refused to go along for a walk and after a few moments of pulling to all her might, his carer had to turn tack and go his way. Too cute to watch.
This morning I again managed a glimpse of them. Here he's showing off a rather nice gait. I think I had to wait patiently for five minutes while he finished his grazing.
As young as he is, he has a classy posture and promises to keep his owners on their toes. What a beautiful scene to look upon. Loved it.