Wednesday, 26 July 2017

A Bucket Full Of Laughter.

Dear BBC, thank you so very much...

By pure chance I was flicking through the channels yesterday trying to evade programs that were bent on showing me how to shop, cook, find a husband, build a house, de-clutter or how to handle yourself in front of Judge Helt and out of habit switched to BBC Entertainment.

Usually they have an omnibus of Antique Roadshow ( also a firm favourite of mine and it won't be much longer before Bob and I will start scouring the neighbourhood for antiques ) but yesterday they aired a series whose name brought back wonderful memories. Keeping Up Appearances was next in line and I settled in to watch it.

The character of Mrs Bucket must be one of the best there is. How I laughed at her antics and pretense, her white gloves and her special china only for the social mavens. Bob had already returned from work and was reading in the other room. We both have a similar sense of humour but he chose to carry on reading, that is until he heard my screams of laughter.

Aren't we strange in that we like to share laughter? Nothing better than to laugh together and in that vain, I turned up the volume so that Bob could her the clear diction of Mrs Bucket. All it took was two lines and suddenly Bob came to the lounge to watch the program with me.

Both of us enjoyed this little sojourn down memory lane, especially the delightful British humour. One of a kind and addictive as anything. In one of the scenes, The Buckets were in their car driving and I am ashamed to mention it, but there were certain similarities between Hyacinth and me...She was pointing out the bus about to turn, the robot about to change to red and the close proximity of the ditch to her husband in case he hadn't seen any of these dangers.
Sorry Bob, I know I do the same, but only sometimes!

Laughter is the best medicine and thank goodness we have this BBC Entertainment channel because watching Keeping Up Appearances dubbed into German wouldn't be the same...