Wednesday, 5 July 2017

School Holidays.

A cheerful feeling all about.

Summer holidays are the most yearned for on the calendar, be it for pupils, parents or teachers. Who wouldn't love having two months off with less then normal to worry about.

The kids are having a ball and often their only worry is hooking up with their friends on or off line. Sleeping until lunchtime is a must and most parents let them to have some peace and quiet. Parents, especially mums need this time off school duty. Getting kids out of bed in time, making sure their homework is done and lunch packed isn't without the occasional hiccups and tempers can get frayed and in need of this holiday.

Even driving around the village one can sense a return to normality. Less traffic and more friendly drivers. In our neck of the woods swimming pools are mostly the blow up variety in the back garden and not like it was in South Africa where just about every house had a big pool in the yard.

The summers are so short that it seems silly to build a pool for such a short time although there are the odd few who've taken up the challenge and put one in the ground. I wonder if they still use it a year later? Not too far away, in Burg, there is a Badesee ( man made lake ) where shade is at a premium underneath a few trees around the lake and ironically enough, space too. So many sun groupies doing their utmost to start on that lifelong tanning quest. Each to his own, I suppose.

The bigger towns have their public swimming baths, which are nice and organized and at least you see the bottom of the pool as a nice light blue instead of a dark murky never ending one that a lake emits. Don't forget the most important part of these public swimming baths...the tuck shop where iced lollies and french fries are ubiquitous. No, not at the same time.

Those childhood memories we all gathered, be it spending the holidays at the local pools, camping with parents or just the general sense of contentment make their annual pilgrimage to the front of our thoughts and reside on their mental deckchairs until the wheels of the next school year start their slow grind...