Friday, 28 July 2017

Rescuing That Last Box Of Books.

A lucky find.

There is nary a week where not someone new moves to our village. A superb compliment to us Eisenbergers ( well I call myself one but in reality one has to have decades of life lived here to be afforded that luxury ) and often a chance to view our beautiful area through the prism of a fresh pair of adoring eyes.

This latest addition to swell the numbers have been once to ask Bob some connectivity question and the other afternoon they came to see if we wanted a spare door. Yes, you read right. Houses bought in our area are a lucky packet deal as everything and more is left behind from the owner before. Either due to him or her having moved to loftier realms or because it would have been too much of a bother to get rid of old furnishings and rubbish before moving on. I kid you not!

Even though our home still needs tender love and care, a door it needed not but as we were chatting I garnered that boxes of books from the previous owner had been thrown out. Now, here is where being a keen conversationalist comes in handy. A few years ago I had heard that this particular man whose house they've bought, had lived in America most of his life and only returned to Eisenberg for his retirement and sadly didn't have the pleasure of enjoying much of it. In Poirot like fashion I knew that his books would be written in English.

Lo and behold they were and one lone box of books was left over and I offered to take them off their hands. Almost like magic I received this last box of books yesterday. There are a few detective stories and thrillers and somehow I am quite sorry that I hadn't got to meet the man from America. We could have formed our own little book club. One book was a coffee book edition of parts of America and as I opened the cover another smaller book / pamphlet fell out.

A pictorial yearbook of a church community 1968-1969. Wow, I loved looking at the photos of yesteryear and wove various life stories to some of the photos. Knowing the man's surname I found his photo on page two. He and his whole family looking young and dapper. A moment in this family's history, a moment to be together and a moment gone in the blink of an eye. The excitement of being dolled up for a church photo without realizing how fast time goes...