Monday, 31 July 2017

Like A Typical Sunday Should Be.

The one day a week to do less than nothing.

Who made it fashionable and desirable to be in a constant state of doing. Doing to be more, have more and be thought of as more... a never ending story and one that leads most of us into that nebulous neighbourhood called stress.

Often, the doing part is more for the world outside our four walls than for ourselves, although nowadays the two worlds have merged and solidly intertwined to incorporate the non-stop adventure park called social media. How can we unwind and simply be?

Sundays spent lazying about, following no rules, no plan and no dress code. Sundays spent reconnecting with our family. Sundays spent grazing all day until the yummy morsels are gone and Sundays spent rediscovering the joys of reading.

A pot luck Sunday. Even yesterday, Bob decided on the spur of the moment to imbibe in a professional breakfast at Aloisia's and with such a great idea he didn't need to do a lot of cajoling. Off we went and had a nice breakfast together ( sans tv or computer ) amid the breathtaking view of Badersdorf and its many undulating hills.

Our home should be our refuge from the office and not our office. A home should be a place to recharge, relax and chill without constantly worrying about making it shine like a proverbial castle.

Well, fortified with a delightful Sunday breakfast, a day spent doing hardly anything more strenuous than turning the page of a Deon Meyer novel, playing with the cat and the occasional forays into the kitchen has made the advent of Monday a rather gentle and nice start to this week.