Monday, 3 July 2017

Sun, Stork & Eisenberg.

A new walker on the promenade.

Four women walking together means a lot of chatting and towards the end of today's walk I happened to glance to my left and could't believe my eyes. My short interlude in the conversation made the others look at what I was doing and even they couldn't believe what they saw.

About ten meters from us a stork was ambling along the promenade and turned up a drive way. In a small village everyone knows where everyone else lives and this stork was clearly only dropping in for a visit, which had us laughingly add our two cents worth to it.

" Don't go've been twice already. "
" Close your front door or a third will be on the way. "
" Of course he's just been to Dorfstrasse because there are two new babies. "

Honestly, this stork ambled up the various driveways and it wasn't the first time I'd seen this one. Only last week he was taking a breather from the exhausting trip he'd just done. Yes, he had walked over from Deutsch Schützen and one can only imagine how happy the local school, kindergarten and mayor will be knowing a steady supply of babies is in store...

Unfortunately I couldn't take a picture for you as the sun and stork operate on the same principal.

It is highly dangerous to look directly at it.

Of course there are at least five or six in our area unless the same two storks feed at different places. Watching them ( from a distance ) is rather charming and peaceful. There is nothing hurried about storks and they do make me think back to all those delightful fairy tales I read as a child. Despite or rather because of the fertility legend attached to storks they are a blessing and a welcome sight in any village.