Saturday, 15 July 2017

Milk Mustache, Spinach Precariously Stuck On A Tooth & Loopaper Enjoying The Groove Of Your Shoe.

Does anyone still tell?

Both Bob and I drink a sort of protein health drink every day. Bob to replenish his energy after a long day in the vineyards and I to help keep facial gravity at bay. This powder ( hemp, the lesser cousin of... ) is green and fluffy with a tendency to stick to the edge of the glass...and surprisingly gives oodles of oompf.

About an hour after drinking mine yesterday afternoon, I got up to go to the bathroom and as I glanced in the mirror I noticed that half my nose was covered in green hemp. Realistically, after over a decade together it is a bit much to expect Bob to look at me most of the time....or he looked and didn't tell me?

Often, in social settings it can be a bit tricky and require muchos tact to mention an out of place food item. Even before you mention a piece of spinach, an obvious new nasal resident or a skirt stuck on the wrong side of a pantyhose, you know the other person will flame up in embarrassment. Who wouldn't?

Admittedly, there have been times where I, instead of mentioning any aesthetic mishap, merely averted my eyes from the offending particle and continued a conversation hoping that nobody new would come along and let the cat out of the bag. Never mind that once the person would look in the mirror they'd know...but a few times I've been brave and upfront.

The other non verbal hint would be to rub one's nose, pick one's teeth or pointedly look at the bottom of one's shoes to drop a hint. Sometimes a nose is just itchy and it becomes rather comical when the person we're talking to immediately assumes that you are dropping clues and takes out a tissue just in case...Aren't we all a funny lot?