Sunday, 9 July 2017

Saturday Afternoon In Rechnitz And Beyond.

Ice cream and more.

Somehow I never know if it was hands or feet but regardless it felt like the masseuse was walking on my back and legs. Yes, Bob and I went to Bozsok to have a Thai massage.

Brilliant when those niggling little aches and pains of shoulder and neck creep up. From the voices I heard beyond my curtain ( I think they have 10 stations ) none belonged to the under 40's. Fair enough, one has to reach a certain age to realize that not the clothing but the body underneath is worth keeping in shape.

Being a fashionable sycophant in our twenties and thirties is par for the course but hardly good for our bodies. Tight jeans and high heels just to mention a few. Ah, what a relief to be an individual.

We had to drive through Rechnitz to reach Bozsok and the route there is unbelievably stunning. Hardly any houses with hills covered in golden wheat fields as far as the eye can see. After our hour's treat we headed back home and since we were already in the vicinity of the new ice cream parlour - Heiling, it would have been stupid to not pay a visit.

They have a shop on the village square and it took me down memory lane, sitting there devouring ice cream while watching the world drive, walk or cycle past. One of those inexpensive ways to unburden a stressful week. Life doesn't get much better than to sit and actually enjoy life...not many do.

Not quite a wheat field, but this reminds me of an ice cream cone...