Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Nature Is Food.

A bountiful summer indeed.

As lovely as they are to look at, they are even more divine when made into jam. A richly flavoured and coloured addition to any bread, cake or dare I say...vanilla ice cream.
The rows of vines are bursting with bunches of grapes and should make an abundant vintage. Although, in this photo the sky is a clear favourite.
The maize is almost grown and it bodes well for a few good suppers of corn on the cob with lashings of butter!
This little fellow has just eaten his fill of one of our tomatoes and looks too tired to do more than merely hang about...
It rained most of last night and the air is nicely chilled, the plants are thirsty no more and I don't have to haul five or six watering cans all over the garden.
A tomatoe salad is on the cards for sure...Nature, our friend and provider.