Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Flowers And Fruit.

A bountiful garden indeed.

The pink of this flower - or perhaps a weed - is so vibrant and alive that it almost looks photo-shopped...
A mere meter aloft these delightful apricots are dangling invitingly...they taste as sweet as they look.
We've planted beans and aren't they nice. So far we've had two meals with beans and last night I made a bean and red pepper macaroni cheese. Yum.
How green and scrumptious is this chilly? Bob seems to think that it is a green pepper but he isn't so sure as to eat it in one go...
Some of our tomatoes. Plum tomatoes which will be a fabulous addition to salads or sandwiches.
Tomatoes galore in our high-bed. Hold thumbs that they all turn out well.
A daily greeting from this mauve hydrangea befriended by lemon-mint and lavender is priceless and uplifting.