Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Village Living 2.0..

Even the younger lot want a less stressful life.

In my opinion and even Bob laughs at it ( and me for my naivete ), the future of little villages is set. Already one can notice how empty houses are being snapped up and not only by wealthy retirees.

Life in a city for the younger lot is of course all that's looked for but soon enough, many will realize how much effort it takes to fund a city lifestyle. Be it the stop at a coffee emporium ( when a perfectly good coffee can be had cheaply at home ), the lures planted by clothing companies in shop windows, concerts or restaurants.

All that costs money and apart from a minority of big earners, working seems to only cover the essentials and even those are outrageously expensive. Case in point, the high rentals and the low availability of living space.

Everyone keeps saying that there are no jobs in a village and perhaps for the moment they are right, but villages aren't that for away from the city environs for commuting. Of course what most forget is that technology is changing and developing so quickly, that soon all one needs to work is a fast internet connection. And, many clever mayors of small villages are putting in fiber optic cables.

It used to be that a profession learnt after school was a profession for life. No longer does that hold true. How many of us have switched course a few years in, out of necessity or just because?

A lot of the younger generation are realizing that downsizing to a life in a village has many benefits the uppermost being a gentler pace of life. Working endless hours to fund a city lifestyle isn't good for health, relationships or kids. A childhood spent in a village is utopia for kids and ironically might form a strength of character that is needed to live a happy life anywhere.

The only sad fact that is already happening when folks move here, is that they eschew the delightfully charming ( farm ) houses of yesteryear and build modern ones, but at least they are moving here.

Don't forget, this is only my opinion...