Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Beds And Cats.

Housework is much more fun when one has an audience...

Our cat just loves anything to do with housework except for that noisy interloper called Hoover. When I do pull the beastly thing behind me all I can see is a cloud of dust where Mausi had been sitting. Does she really think I would direct the beast to gobble her up?

Yesterday afternoon I deemed it fit to change the bed linen. Her majesty was somewhere curled up and chasing rabbits but despite her slumberous state she always has a sixth sense about my movements. All it took was the delightful sound of my shaking out the duvet to make her hasten to the bedroom. Even cats are a bit dozy after waking up and thus she waited until the second duvet was being shaken before she gleefully jumped into the fray.

Almost like when we were young girls and had to time the rope being swung before jumping into it, so did Mausi time her entrance to the realm of duvets to perfection. There she was trying her best to stay hidden under the duvet and even my peek-a-boo attempts didn't tempt her out.

As scared as she is of the hoover, having the duvet thrown over her doesn't bother her. Only after I'd finished the last pillow did she feel a bit neglected and pushed her little face to the edge and gave me the cutest look. Naughty but holier than thou! She tried a stint of nosing about the freshly smelling pillow cases ( no Bob, she didn't sit with her derriere upon yours...or did she? ) and then chose to follow me on my next bit of domestic adventure.

Don't get me started about the broom masquerading as a mop. Oh, she can spend hours watching this rag covered broom being dragged across her line of sight. As she is our first cat I can't really determine if this is usual cat behaviour or if the universe is having a laugh at my expense, knowing that I am not overly fond of domestic chores yet also realizing that I have a tendency to read every wish from our cat's eyes and those eyes are hinting constantly.