Sunday, 7 January 2018

A Headless Household.

Surprises around every corner, a la Cluedo.

Especially at night one gets the worst fright. Traversing a path to the bathroom might involve stepping on some toys. Turning on the light is out of the question, at least on the way there. What could there be after all?

Most nights, one feels it first. Something underfoot and not always pleasant either. A soft body of sorts and luckily so far only a copy of the real Mckoy. A toy mouse, one of a handful that her ladyship likes to drag around with her. Alas, some have been beheaded by her eagerness to show them about the house or dare I say, as a dress rehearsal.

Clearly these little toy mice give her reassurance and pleasure as she handles them like her security blanket. Oh well, she's allowed to do what she likes and eventually I'll get used to these horror moments during the night.

But, it doesn't stop there...only early this morning I went to get the milk out of our fridge when I stumbled upon another headless body in it. Don't feint, it wasn't a lively creature once upon a time and anyway, that would make Mausi a genius. No, this time St. Nicolas and Mr. Krampus were the object of affection. If one can call it that...These two have been making the vegetable crisper inside our fridge their permanent home for the last month or so, in all their now crisp chocolate stature.

No longer...somebody has sneakily pealed back the foil covering of St. Nic, taken the head off and to deflect the crime, has tried to fashion the foil back in place minus a head. Who could that be now?

Our house bears witness to the genius of The Bobster in regard to finding contrabands and devouring them without being caught...the one and only fact I am grateful for is the lack of real headless mice strewn about the bathroom, kitchen or dare I imagine, the bed.

...a very content cat...